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CAIA Victoria is in sloidarity with the Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike. May 2017

Their primary demands include more frequent and lengthy family visits, better prison conditions such as improved medical care, and an end to solitary confinement and administrative detention – detention without charge or trial.


Pamphlet distribution - Boycott Israeli Wines! This was our first of many Liquor store visits in the Victoria area.


We launched Israeli Apartheid Week in Victoria with some of the Active Committee at the Univ. Victoria and traveling the Victoria area in the van ( March 21).


Support the Boycott, Divestment
and Sanctions campaign! also see or


“Confusion about the origins of the conflict all too often has obscured …understanding of its true dimension. It began as a conflict resulting from immigrants struggling to displace the local majority population. All else is derivative from this basic reality.”

Donald Neff, former Senior Editor, Time Magazine, ‘Fallen Pillars: U.S. Policy towards Palestine and Israel since 1945

Sponsored by: CAIA Victoria

as appeared in the Times Colonist 2013



1) Numerous Speakers sponsored - Jeff Halper, Chair Committee Against House Demolitions, U. Victoria Student Journalist sent with the Free Gaza Caravan, member sent on the Mavi Mamara and in the massacre by Israel on the Free Gaza Flotilla, Amira Hass, Correspondent Haaretz Newspaper, Michael Riordon, Author 'Our Way to Fight', Ramzy Baroud, author of 'the Second Palestinian Intifada', etc.

2) Numerous Demonstrations - against the Cast Lead attack on Gaza, against the Israeli massacre on the Mavi Marara, against the interference with the Free Gaza Flotilla, against the sale of 'Stolen Beauty' made by Ahava from the Dead Sea products, in support of the uprising in Egypt,

3) Ongoing action in support of Boycott, Divestment and Sanction - pickets of Chapter's protesting the owners support of the Israeli military, picket and stock owners meeting protests to end Mountain Equipment Coop's sale of goods from the Israeli settlements, publicity to end the Gaza Blockade, Israeli Occupation of Palestine and Apartheid in Palestine, particpation in Peace Parades, etc.

4) Numerous Film showings and concerts - co-sponsored numerous films at the Thursday night Social Justice Film Nights such as 'Lemon Tree, 'Life in Occupied Palestine', David Rovics concerts, the play 'My Name is Rachel Corrie", etc. and 'Five Broken Cameras'.

5) Victoria CAIA participated in the Summer 2011 Gaza Freedom Flotilla, etc.


Article of the Interest



Present activities include invited speakers, demonstrations, boycotts, literature handouts, relevant movies, fundraising dinners, and promoting information web links.

Roving boycott demonstrations are held at the venues to encourage boycott of Israeli goods. (BDS)


Growing success!- 10 Year Report

Mountain Equipment Coop -Why Picket & What to Boycott!?

Ahava Beauty (???) Products - Why should you BOYCOTT?

For those interested in joining our group, having us handout our information at your meeting or have us co-sponsor or participate in an event, please contact us at


Two victories on the BDS front that show the Israeli settlements in the West Bank are increasingly considered beyond the pale in the U.S. and international community.
First, the online shopping site GILT has dropped Ahava cosmetics which is made in the illegal Israeli settlement Mitzpe Shalem. GILT is a leading shopping website with over six million members, and the move comes following a correspondence between Code Pink and the office of GILT President Kevin P. Ryan, who also serves on the board of Human Rights Watch.

Also, the BDS movement has sent out a press release announcing the Kuwaiti government’s decision to “not deal with 50 companies due to their role in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.” These companies include many of the BDS movement’s primary targets such as Volvo, Heidelberg Cement, Dexia, Pizzarotti, Alstom and Veolia.